Combine your vaccination appointments with two short trips to Moscow and/or St.Petersburg


Combine your vaccination appointments with a health and wellness trip to Russia.

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Russia offers the Sputnik V vaccine for free. You only pay the treatment fee at the private clinic (about 200-220 euros per treatment). You can do this during a 3-4 week spa and wellness trip to Russia. It is also possible to go to Moscow in two short trips (4 days / 3 nights each). You can also combine the two vaccination dates and enjoy the long-awaited vacation in between. Or go visa-free to Sotchi. All trips can already be booked. All trips already include a doctor's appointment arranged by the organizer in a clinic approved by the Russian Ministry of Health to perform vaccinations with Sputnik V on non-Russian citizens. The agreed doctor's appointment is part of the travel package. After a medical clarification interview with translator, you are free - and only on your personal wish expressed on the spot - to go to a medical treatment. After a thorough preliminary examination with antibody test and PCR, you can be vaccinated with Sputnik V.

Vaccination is carried out with the vaccine "Sputnik V" developed by Russia and recommended by the WHO. This vaccine is not yet licensed in the EU, but it is already being administered to the population in Hungary under an emergency authorization. In addition to Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 29 other countries are already using the vaccine successfully. An application for approval of the vaccine has been submitted to the EMA, the responsible EU authority, on January 19, 2021. A study published in the Lancet journal showed that the vaccine is 91.6% effective. (Source: https://de.euronews.com/2021/02/22/sputnik-v-warum-hat-die-eu-russlands-corona-impfstoff-noch-nicht-genehmigt)

In addition, the EMA has launched a rapid review procedure for Sputnik V on March 4, 2021. (Source: https://de.rt.com/europa/113945-ema-startet-schnell-prufverfahren-fur/)

If you want to get a Sputnik V vaccination abroad despite the EU's non-approval, you have the right to do so and it is not forbidden for you as a German citizen. (Source: http://kempgens.de/12-2-2021-rechtsfragen-rund-um-umstrittene-impfreisen/)

As the first provider, "Mein Impfurlaub" can offer you concrete trips with the guaranteed possibility of a Covid vaccination according to the above-mentioned parameters. Even if the vaccination itself is not an integral part of the trips, it is guaranteed that each trip participant will receive a vaccination offer during the trip.

The following travel offers are currently available:

- 23 days of Wellness-trip in Russia 

- 2 x short trip to Moscow