Who is the organizer of the vaccination tours?

World Visitor is a Scandinavian tour operator based in Oslo (Norway) and has been offering culture and wellness trips since 2013. Therefore, it was obvious to implement the idea, concerned citizens, who are very worried right now when your turn is finally to offer this trip with the vaccination. World Visitor is a member of the Norwegian Travel Guarantee Fund ( and is insured there against insolvency.

What is the procedure for a request/booking of a health trip to Russia?
1.You choose a suitable travel date and departure airport and book the trip
2.We provide you with an official invitation via our Russian partner and the Russian Ministry of the Interior. Duration approx. 8-10 days, no costs for you.
3.You will receive an offer from several spa hotels in different price ranges (from €2.999) and choose the offer that suits you.
4.If you have found a suitable offer, then make a binding booking within 24 hours. You will receive a booking confirmation and invoice; pay 20% of the travel price (the remaining amount is due 21 days before departure). If you have not registered within 24 hours of receiving the binding offer, your request will lapse at no further cost to you.
5.With the invitation, which you will receive after receipt of your payment, you can either apply yourself (costs approx. €110) or via the tour operator (costs approx. €140). In addition to a passport valid for 6 months, you will also need a passport photo (format 3.5 x 4.5 cm) and proof of foreign health insurance (if you do not have this, you can book it yourself or via the tour operator). The tour operator will provide a guarantee of your willingness to return by means of your return flight ticket.
6.The day after your arrival, our German-speaking tour guide will take you to a state vaccination center. There you can get advice on vaccination and have it done if you wish. The service of the tour operator is limited to the transfer service and the arrangement of the doctor's appointment. We will also provide the interpreter.
7.You will spend the days until the second vaccination in the spa hotel as booked by you. In addition to the services booked in the basic package, you can book the additional treatments and excursions offered.
8.On the 21st day after your vaccination, you will again have a transfer to the vaccination center included in the price of your holiday.
9.return to Germany

What is the procedure for the scheduled vaccinations in the transit area of Moscow Airport?

1.You can book your reservation for one of the offered tour packages to Istanbul, or twice for a short trip to Moscow non-binding. No deposit is required.
2.As soon as the tour operator has an official confirmation from the vaccination center in the transit area of Moscow airport, you will be informed.
3.You have the option to confirm your non-binding pre-booking within 48 hours and receive a booking confirmation and invoice, pay 20% of the tour price (the balance is due 21 days before departure).
4.You have the option to withdraw your non-binding booking request. You will not incur any costs. If the tour operator does not hear from you within 48 hours, your non-binding request will be deleted at no cost.
5.If the tour operator does not receive a confirmation for a vaccination possibility in the transit area of the Moscow airport 21 days before the planned departure, your request will be deleted free of charge and you will be informed about this. You will then have the opportunity to rebook your request for a new date free of charge. You will keep your original place in the ranking order, i.e. the date of your first request counts.

Do I need a PCR test before departure?

Yes, you must present a PCR test (not an antigen test) before departure, which must not be older than 72 hours (time of departure). You will have to pay for this yourself.

Is access to a Corona vaccination guaranteed?

Yes, when you receive the binding booking confirmation from the tour operator (i.e. before you have made a payment), a binding doctor's appointment is booked for you. The arrangement of the doctor's appointment (incl. interpreter) is part of the travel package offered. However, the consultation and vaccination are explicitly not part of the travel package. You can still decide whether or not to have the vaccination after the consultation with the doctor.

What are the costs of medical consultation and vaccination?

The costs for these are a maximum of €50 per medical appointment incl. vaccination.

Are vaccination trips or the vaccination itself paid for by the health insurance?

According to the current status, the costs of a vaccination trip offered by us are not paid.

Are there any age restrictions for the vaccination trips?

The vaccine Sputnik V is approved for everyone 18 years and older.

What happens if I either do not get a ministerial invitation or a visa?

a) If you do not receive a ministerial invitation, this is the responsibility of the tour operator, and your booking will be canceled free of charge, and your deposit will be refunded.
b) If you unexpectedly do not get a visa to enter Russia (unlikely after a ministerial invitation), this is not the tour operator's responsibility and you will have to pay cancellation fees according to the tour operator's terms and conditions.

Why should I already make a non-binding reservation for a trip, even though it is not yet certain that there will be an opportunity to get vaccinated at the vaccination center in the transit area of Moscow Airport?

At the moment, the flight offers are very limited. Only about 20% of the original flight capacity is offered. Furthermore, hotel beds in the transit area are extremely limited. The tour operator has secured several hundred seats with various airlines. On the one hand, to be able to offer favorable travel prices. On the other hand, to be able to offer its own customers enough seats. The tour operator itself has over 100,000 customers who have travelled in the past.

How is the priority list for the transit trips managed?

For each travel date, we have reserved a contingent of seats per departure airport with the airlines. These seats are allocated in the order of the date of your non-binding reservation.

What happens if complications arise during transit travel (e.g. allergic reactions) and I miss my connecting flight?

You will receive medical treatment on-site and will be rebooked on the next possible flight at the tour operator's expense.

Can I also book the vaccination trips at my local travel agency?

Yes, this is possible. You can get advice from the travel agency you trust. You will not incur any higher costs.

Why are your offers so cheap?

Our prices are reliably calculated and based on the costs of our service providers.

Are vaccination trips allowed?

According to German law, it is generally permitted to undergo medical examination, treatment or vaccination abroad!

Should I have a check-up with my GP before booking the trip?

Yes, this is recommended. Inform your family doctor what you are planning to do. Please also note that you should not consume alcohol between the two vaccinations.

Is it allowed that I get vaccinated abroad with the vaccine Sputnik V, which is not (yet) approved in the EU?

Yes, there are other examples such as certain embryo procedures that are not permitted in Germany but can be done abroad by German citizens or people living in Germany. The vaccine is recommended by the WHO and has a very high efficacy according to several independent studies.

Is the vaccine Sputnik V licensed in the EU?

The vaccine is not yet licensed in the EU, but is already being given to the population in Hungary and San Marino, for example, within the framework of an emergency licence. In addition to Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, 29 other countries are using the vaccine. An application for approval of the vaccine was submitted to the EMA, the authority responsible for the EU, on 19 January 2021. A study in the Lancet journal has shown that the vaccine is 91.6 effective. (Source:

Are vaccination trips ethically justifiable?

From our point of view yes, because

  • No one is deprived of vaccine. Anyone in the would like to can get vaccinated in Moscow. Russia already exports the vaccine Sputnik V to 31 other countries, or grants licenses for it.
  • Every Russian, Serbian or Israeli citizen living in Germany can fly to his or her home country and get vaccinated there
  • We have had a system of private and public health insurance in Germany for decades.
  • There has long been a North-South divide in health care in Europe.
  • In the first lockdown, we Germans were offered return flights from all over the world by the government, whereas this was not possible in many other countries.
  • For every fellow citizen who can afford a vaccination trip, a citizen moves up the vaccination order faster.

For legal reasons, we would like to point out the following. We make neither a promise of a cure nor a vaccination promise, nor do we make any other promises regarding the medical aspect of your project. The final vaccination promise can only be made by the doctor treating you on site. However, we guarantee you a doctor's appointment in a private Russian clinic for the purpose of medical treatment with the vaccine Sputnik V. We hereby arrange a reservation for you for a trip WITHOUT any mutual obligation. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to visit a doctor during your planned stay in Russia, where you are free to seek medical treatment AFTER a medical consultation in German and only at your personal request expressed on site. Our agency in Russia is at your disposal for any questions you may have during your journey.

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